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Stovax manufacture a stunning range of stoves, fires and fireplaces, and is the UK’s largest supplier, offering multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fires. They specialise in freestanding, wood burning fires, which feature Cleanburn combustion systems that burn logs with exceptional efficiency, and give more heat into the room, and less heat disappearing up the chimney. Together with the Airwash system, this produces outstanding environmental performance.

Each Stovax piece is designed to create a striking feature in the living space, with a stunning ‘wide-screen’ view of the fire through the fireplace window.

Gazco stoves, manufactured by Stovax, are the electric versions of their wood-burning counterparts, and bring all the energy, warmth and cosiness into the home, without any of the worry about procuring firewood, or taking precautions with fireguards.

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Showroom Demo

Come to the showroom and see the stoves, and find one that you like and which suits your home.

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We will come to your home to take measurements and draw up a no-obligation quote for your work.


Trusted Installers

We will come to your home and install your fireplace or stove to a high standard of workmanship.

Ongoing Aftercare

We will help you in keeping your stove well maintained, and offer ongoing maintenance packages too.

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 All stoves come with a manufacturer warranty.
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